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What if we could predict flooding at the street and house level 2-4 days before it occurs?


More specific emergency management coordination


Advance actions to minimize risks, consequences, damages


Accelerate recovery by initiating specific recovery effort coordination earlier
With Streamline Technologies' new Real-Time Flood Forecasting model, we now have the ability to more accurately predict flooding several days in advance at the street and house level. Our model allows us to determine where flooding will occur, how extensive it will be, and the flood duration.

With RTFF, municipalities and governments will be able to transition from a wait-and-see reactive posture into a more proactive approach. At the end of the day, saving lives and money.
Our RTFF model leverages existing hydrologic and hydraulic hyper-resolution models and incorporates NOAA real-time and forecasted rainfall/ET data. 

The RTFF model has been used successfully already. Based on pilot projects, we are seeing increased accuracy in predicting flooding at the street and structure level two to four days before the flood event.
Flood prediction systems have been developed for:
  • Southern Lee County, FL – 280 square miles (inland and tidal flooding)
  • Upper St. Johns River Basin, FL – 1,300 square miles (large complex system with major control structures)
  • Orlo Vista, FL (pumped flood mitigation)
  • Mecklenburg County/Charlotte, NC – 263 square miles (urban riverine system)
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Could the RTFF model benefit your community?

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