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1D Modeling with ICPR4 Pro

ICPR4 "Pro" includes only 1D surface water modeling, with all graphical capabilities of version 4.  This version is suitable for engineers who are upgrading from ICPR3 or those who need only 1D H&H analyses.  

The cost of $1,500 per year per simultaneous user includes technical support and updates. 
ICPR4 "Pro" allows for an unlimited number of Basins/Catchments.  Different basin types are available to allow for a lumped or a distributed approach for basin hydrology computations. 

Infiltration Methods
  • Curve Number
  • Green-Ampt
  • Vertical Soil Layers

Hydrograph Methods
  • NRCS Unit Hydrograph Method
    • 4 Standard Dimensionless Unit Hydrographs
    • Triangular Unit Hydrograph Function
    • Gamma Unit Hydrograph Function
    • User Defined Unit Hydrographs
  • Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Method

  • Standard Dimensionless Rainfall Distributions
  • User Defined Dimensionless Rainfall Distributions
  • User Defined Historical Rainfall
  • Spatially Variable Rainfall

1D Hydraulics
ICPR4 "Pro" allows for an unlimited number of Nodes, Links, Cross Sections and points in a cross section.

Node Types
  • Stage vs. Surface Area
  • Stage vs. Volume
  • Time vs. Stage (for surface outlets)

Link Types
  • Pipes
  • Channels
  • Weirs
  • Drop Structures
  • Breaches
  • Rating Curves (for pump stations and bridges)
  • Percolation
  • French Drains

  • 19 Geometric Shapes Supported 
  • Cross Sections with Lids Supported (i.e., closing top)
  • St. Venant, Energy and Diffusive Wave Options for Channels & Pipes
Models from Maps
Although it is possible to work in schematic mode for 1D projects, ICPR4's full power is realized through its georeferenced graphic system. ICPR4 "Pro" includes all graphical capabilities of ICPR4 Expert including data takeoff with map and surface layers.. 

Background Images
  • Scalable Site Plans
  • Spatially Referenced Aerials
  • Calibrate Images

Terrain Surfaces
  • Gridded Raster Elevation Import
  • LandXML Surface Import
  • Build Gridded Surfaces from Contours and Spot Elevations
  • Automated Stage-Area-Storage Takeoff
  • Automated Cross Section Takeoff
  • Automated Profile Generation
  • Clip Gridded Surfaces
  • Merge Gridded Surfaces

Thematic Polygon Map Layers
  • Draw Vector Map Layers in ICPR
  • Import Vector Map Layers (shapefiles, DXF files)
  • Convert Vector Map Layers to Raster Layers
  • Automated Polygon Intersections (e.g., basins, land use, soil breakdowns)