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1D & 2D Modeling with ICPR4 Expert

ICPR4 "Expert" is our fully integrated version of ICPR4.  It includes all of the 1D H&H surface flow modeling capabilities in addition to 2D Overland Flow and 2D Groundwater Flow.  The combination of integrated surface water – groundwater flow and continuous simulation opens the door to many complex water resources applications and issues such as wetland hydro-period assessments, wetland restoration, impacts of sea level rise on groundwater tables, consumptive water use, stormwater reuse, water sustainability, irrigation demands, and construction dewatering.

The cost of $3,000 per year per simultaneous user includes technical support and updates.

ICPR4 "Expert" includes all of the ICPR4 "Pro" features, plus the following: 

Additional Hydrograph Methods
"Mapped Basin" option that allows integration between traditional hydrology with 2D Overland Flow
Continuous Simulation:
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Soil Moisture Tracking 

2D Surface Hydraulics
Computational Methods:
  • Finite Volume
  • Flexible Triangular Mesh
  • Unlimited Number of Triangles and Vertices
  • Time Variable Computational Time Steps
  • Option for Spatially Variable Computation Time Steps
  • Options for St. Venant, Energy and Diffusive Wave Solutions

Graphical Elements for Mesh Construction:
  • Terrain Characterization
    • Exclusions
    • Extrusions
    • Break Points
    • Break Lines
  • 1D Interface
    • Pond Control Volumes (Level Pool)
    • Channel Control Volumes (Sloping Water Surface)
    • Weir Feature
    • Node Feature
    • Traditional Basin Interface Point
    • Traditional Basin Interface Line
    • Traditional Basin Region (Mapped Basins)
  • Boundary Conditions
    • Boundary Stage Point
    • Boundary Stage Line
    • External Hydrograph Point
    • External Hydrograph Line

Mesh Construction:
  • Automatic Mesh Construction
  • Automatic Mesh Parameterization

  • Applied Directly to Mesh
  • Infiltration into Soil Column
  • Spatially Variable

  • Elevation
  • Flood Depth
  • Velocity Vectors
  • Flow Vectors
  • Velocity X Depth Vectors
  • Range Filters
  • Create DEMs from Animations
  • Color Palette Selection/Creation
2D Groundwater
Computational Methods:
  • Finite Element
  • Flexible Triangular Mesh
  • Unlimited Number of Triangles/Vertices
  • Fully Coupled with 1D and 2D Surface H&H
  • Saturated Horizontal Flow in Surficial Aquifer
  • Unsaturated Vertical Flow Thru Vadose Zone
  • Vertical Recharge from Vadose Zone
  • Leakage Through Confining Layer
  • Spatiotemporal Boundary Below Confining Layer
  • Surficial Aquifer - Surface Interactions (Seepage)

Graphic Elements for Mesh Construction:
  • General
    • Exclusions
    • Break Points
    • Break Lines
    • Drain Points
    • Drain Lines
    • Drain Areas
    • Irrigation Wells
    • Injection Wells
  • Boundary Conditions
    • Boundary Stage Point
    • Boundary Stage Line
    • Boundary Stage Area
    • External Hydrograph Point
    • External Hydrograph Line
    • External Hydrograph Area

Mesh Construction:
  • Automated Mesh Construction
  • Automated Mesh Parameterization
  • Automated Intersection with Surface Mesh

  • Groundwater Elevation
  • Maximum Groundwater Elevation
  • Minimum Groundwater Elevation
  • Change in Groundwater Elevation
  • Depth Below Ground
  • Known Head Locations (Time Variable)
  • Range Filters
  • Create DEMs for Animations
  • Color Palette Selection and Creation