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Upcoming Events

3-Day Hands-On Training for ICPR4

General Topics
  •  Basic Modeling Concepts
  •  Using the Graphical Interface
  •  Migrating from ICPR3 to ICPR4
  •  Project Templates (Simple Projects done Simply)
  •  Map Layers & Surfaces
  •  Tons of Hands-On Examples
  •  Introduction to 2D Overflow & Overland Flow

2020 Scheduled Workshops
  • February 26-28

     Public Works Department
     Altamonte Springs, Florida
Latest News

Webinar: Regulatory Review Series

During October - November 2019 SLT hosted a 5 part webinar training series, free to nearly 500 attendees. The webinar series was designed specifically for anyone that reviews and/or submits drainage, stormwater or environmental resource permit applications using ICPR4. To view the slide deck or watch recordings, ICPR4 users can click "Help > Check for Updates".   

ICPR v4.05.02 Release

On May 10, 2019 SLT introduced many new features including NEW 'Simple' basins to allow users to quickly implement an Area Weighted Average (lumped) Curve Number, Searchable & Context Sensitive Help, Graphical Undo/Redo tool, new Animation Export Options, and much more! v4.05.02 was released June 18, 2019 and includes a few bug fixes. To get the latest version and example files, click "Help > Check for Updates".  
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