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Sebastian Inlet, 2005, Peter J. Singhofen

Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing Model

After 14 wonderful years, ICPR3 was sunset on July 1, 2016. It has been replaced by ICPR4, a fully integrated 1D/2D surface and groundwater model. ICPR4 is subscription based and includes use of the software for a year, technical support and updates.  It is available in two options:

  •      ICPR "Pro"     - 1D H&H Version  ($1,200/year/simultaneous user)

  •      ICPR "Expert" - 1D/2D Integrated SW/GW Version ($2,400/year/simultaneous user)

ICPR "Pro" is a 1D version of the software and includes an unlimited number of nodes, links and basins. ICPR "Expert" includes all of the ICPR "Pro" features plus 2D overland flow, 2D groundwater flow, and continuous simulation. 


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