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Sebastian Inlet, 2005, Peter J. Singhofen

ICPR "Pro" Feature

     This is the 1D H&H version of ICPR


     Cost: $1,200 per year per simultaneous user and includes technical support and updates


     Background Images:

          Scalable Site Plans

          Spatially Referenced Aerials

          Calibrate Images


     Terrain Surfaces:

          LandXML Surface Import

          Gridded Raster Elevation Import

          Build Gridded Surfaces from Contours and Spot Elevations

          Automated Stage-Area-Storage Takeoff

          Automated Cross Section Takeoff

          Automated Profile Generation


     Thematic Polygon Map Layers: (e.g. basins, land use, soils)

          Draw Vector Map Layers in ICPR

          Import Vector Map Layers (shapefiles, DXF files)

          Convert Vector Map Layers to Raster Layers

          Automated Polygon Intersections (e.g., basins, land use, soil breakdowns)


     Reporting System:

          Customizable to PDF or Printer

          Menu Driven

          Quick Charts

          Graphical Selection List

          Animated Water Surface Profiles



          Unlimited Number of Basins/Catchments

          Infiltration Methods:

               Curve Number


               Vertical Soil Layers

          Hydrograph Methods:

               NRCS Unit Hydrograph Method

                    4 Standard Dimensionless Unit Hydrographs

                    Triangular Unit Hydrograph Function

                    Gamma Unit Hydrograph Function

                    User Defined Unit Hydrographs

               Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Method


               Standard Dimensionless Rainfall Distributions

               User Defined Dimensionless Rainfall Distributions

               User Defined Historical Rainfall

               Spatially Variable Rainfall


     1D Hydraulics:

          Unlimited Number of Nodes, Links, Cross Sectons, Points in a Cross Section

          Node Types:

               Stage vs. Surface Area

               Stage vs. Volume

               Time vs. Stage (for Surface Outlets)

          Link Types:




               Drop Structures


               Rating Curves (use for Pump Stations and Bridges)


               French Drains

               19 Geometric Shapes Supported

               Cross Sections with Lids Supported (i.e. Closing Tops)

               St. Venant, energy and diffusive wave options for pipes and channels



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