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Sebastian Inlet, 2005, Peter J. Singhofen

ICPR "Expert" Features

     This is the integrated 1D/2D surface water and 2D groundwater version of ICPR


     Cost: $2,400 per year per simultaneous user and includes technical support and updates 

              (with significant discounts starting with 3 users)


     ICPR "Expert" includes all of the ICPR "Pro" features plus the following:



          Hydrograph Methods:

               Continuous Simulation


                    Soil Moisture Tracking


     2D Surface Hydraulics:

          Computational Methods:

               Finite Volume

               Flexible Triangular Mesh

               Unlimited Number of Triangles and Vertices

               Time Variable Computational Time Steps

               Option for Spatially Variable Computation Time Steps

               Options for St. Venant, Energy and Diffusive Wave Solutions

          Graphical Elements for Mesh Construction:

               Terrain Characterization



                    Break Points

                    Break Lines

               1D Interface

                    Pond Control Volumes (Level Pool)

                    Channel Control Volumes (Sloping Water Surface)

                    Weir Feature

                    Node Feature

                    Traditional Basin Interface Point

                    Traditional Basin Interface Line

                    Traditional Basin Region (Mapped Basins)

               Boundary Conditions

                    Boundary Stage Point

                    Boundary Stage Line

                    External Hydrograph Point

                    External Hydrograph Line

          Mesh Construction:

              Automatic Mesh Construction

              Automatic Mesh Parameterization


              Applied Directly to Mesh

              Infiltration into Soil Column

              Spatially Variable



               Flood Depth

               Velocity Vectors

               Flow Vectors

               Velocity X Depth Vectors

               Range Filters

               Create DEMs from Animations

               Color Palette Selection/Creation


     2D Groundwater:

          Computational Methods:

               Finite Element

               Flexible Triangular Mesh

               Unlimited Number of Triangles/Vertices

               Fully Coupled with 1D and 2D Surface H&H

               Saturated Horizontal Flow in Surficial Aquifer

               Unsaturated Vertical Flow Thru Vadose Zone

               Vertical Recharge from Vadose Zone

               Leakage Through Confining Layer

               Spatiotemporal Boundary Below Confining Layer

               Surficial Aquifer - Surface Interactions (Seepage)

          Graphic Elements for Mesh Construction:



                    Break Points

                    Break Lines

                    Drain Points

                    Drain Lines

                    Drain Areas

                    Irrigation Wells

                    Injection Wells

               Boundary Conditions

                    Boundary Stage Point

                    Boundary Stage Line

                    Boundary Stage Area

                    External Hydrograph Point

                    External Hydrograph Line

                    External Hydrograph Area

          Mesh Construction:

               Automated Mesh Construction

               Automated Mesh Parameterization

               Automated Intersection with Surface Mesh 


               Groundwater Elevation

               Maximum Groundwater Elevation

               Minimum Groundwater Elevation

               Change in Groundwater Elevation

               Depth Below Ground

               Known Head Locations (Time Variable)

               Range Filters

               Create DEMs for Animations

               Color Palette Selection and Creation



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